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    How to Make the Most of Amazon Prime Day 2018

    Amazon says it will offer more than a million deals, including discounts on Echo devices, kitchen appliances and more — and extend the sale by an extra six hours compared with last year. Source link

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    12 Stylish Swim Trunks You'll Want to Wear This Summer

    The beach is nothing if not a great equalizer. Once you take off your shirt and you’re left with only your swim trunks, everyone knows what’s going on under the hood. And finding the right pair of shorts has never been easier, thanks to more brands designing versatile and stylish trunks that won’t break the […]

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    The 5 Best New Tennis Racquets

    More pop and better ball control will help you rule the court. Here, we tested tons of new tennis racquets to find the best. Get ready to upgrade your game this season. Rafael Nadal’s French Open Watch Costs More Than 3 Lamborghinis 1. BEST FOR CONTROL: Phantom Pro 100P This racquet is the equivalent of […]

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    Trump’s Wall Falling Down

    In a few months, following Trump’s removal from office, his border wall will also be removed. Drum roll! The committee for the Restoration of America is planning a four-day celebration to commemorate the takedown. While heads of state are eage… Source link