Indian wedding turns into a gigantic brawl

  • A dispute over the food served saw both families fight each other
  • Wedding in Arga,  northern India, turned into a giant brawl between families
  • Guests used chairs, tables and fists, as others fled the scene screaming 

A wedding in India turned the happiest day of the bride and groom’s life into a battleground when an argument about food turned into a violent mass-brawl.

The incident reportedly took place at a wedding venue in Agra, northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state earlier this month.

Witnesses said there was a dispute regarding the food served at the wedding ceremony after which family members from both sides went out of control

A video filmed by a bystander shows guests fighting each other, using everything from their bare hands to chairs and tables.

One man is seen hitting a younger man over the head and attempting to push him over a railing using a bench.

Guests are seen fleeing the scene, including women in their wedding day outfits carrying young children in their arms.


The guests still remaining appear to throw furniture after those running away.

Chairs are flying through the air, and several people are hit by the projectiles.

Local news reported that the the grooms’ family has a business involving selling iron and the bride is from a family of barbers.

It is not known if anyone suffered any serious injuries or needed medical attention after the mass-brawl.

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